Hospitality Bazaar

bazar gostoljubnosti

The Hospitality Bazaar, the final event of the Serbian Cultural Centre Danilo Kiš’s project GUEST Hospitality of Culture- The Culture of Hospitality, held on 25th August at the Daktari Club in Ljubljana was a presentation of the achievements in minorities’ training in the promotion of a minority organisation, cultural event and artistic product, namely, minority cultures in general. Documentaries, created in audio-visual workshops were shown, as well as the exhibition of logos, created in visual design workshops. The project has been financed by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia. The accompanying events were a play by the SCC Danilo Kiš’s Shadow Theatre, presentation of the Anthology of Contemporary Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Literature in Slovenia Iz jezika v jezik (From Language to Language), published by the Slovene Writers’ Association and a concert of the Belgrade band TI.