Danilo Kiš Cultural Centre


Flight Control 2012 – The only radio broadcast in Serbian language in Slovenia View Project
REKOM IN Slovenia 2019 Raising awareness of victims of war, accountability and reconciliation View Project
#MINORITIESONLINE 2018 – 2019 Establishing minority online media and journalism View Project
Discrimination Of Migrants 2016 Educational media campaign for tolerance and diversity View Project
The Migrant Objective 2015 Strengthening the position and role of immigrants through various activities View Project
Empowering Women 2014 – 2016 Media campaign for the empowerment of women in the labor market View Project
Shadow Theatre 2011 – 2012 Shadow Theatre project – cultural socialization of the vulnerable View Project
Humanitarian Action 2014 Collecting aid for those at risk during floods View Project
GUEST 2013 – 2014 For the visibility and recognition of minority cultures in the general public View Project
Women’s Heritage 2011 – 2012 Research, promotion and preservation of women’s heritage in culture View Project
School 2010 – 2012 Free additional Serbian language and culture lessons View Project
Danilo Kiš Shadow 2010 Cultural training, education and promotion of the Serbian ethnic group View Project
P R O R E D 2015 – 2020 Literary magazine, editor Ivan Antić View Project