The Museum of Childhood: Chaos and Harmony, Discarded and Precious, Cheerful and Tragic

This project by Vladimir Perić, a multimedia artist, has been developed since 2006 as a specific museological and artistic practice focused on childhood objects. He was later joined by Milica Perić, a curator and art historian,. The interview with Milica Perić about the Museum of Childhood, conducted by Biljana Žikić.

Subversive Art Practices

When do ethics become more important than aesthetics? How to believe in a utopia that art can heal and change the world? Can a cooperative movement save the world from a disaster? These are the questions with which a group of artists have been grappling for over 20 years, resisting the political and social environment in Serbia by way of subversive artistic practices.
Author: Darka Radosavljević Vasiljević