SKC Danilo Kiš on a four-day working visit to the Cultural Centre of Serbia in Paris

Serbian Cultural Centre Danilo Kiš  was on a four-day working visit to the Cultural Centre of Serbia in Paris from 19th to 22nd August 2014, as a part of the GUEST project financed by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.

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In pleasant conversations with the Center manager, Slavica Petrović, deputy manager Milovan Ćirovski and business secretary Tomislav Bulatović, the Serbian Cultural Centre Danilo Kiš’s team got useful advice and information based on the long-standing practice of this centre, founded in 1973. In the company of our hosts, we saw the current ehxibition MEMORY UPDATE, Ornaments of Serbian Medieval Frescoes, visiting exhibition of the Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade. Besides that, the rich Centre library with the latest editions and beautifully decorated space, designed for both literary meetings and a multimedia centre (planned for the near future), made a strong impression on us.

On behalf of the SCC Danilo Kiš, executive manager Irena Vujčić Pavlović and cultural coordinators Tamara Raftović Loštrek and Biljana Žikić presented SCC Danilo Kišćs projects and activities, first of all the GUEST project: the Hospitality of Culture- the Culture of Hospitality, the Flight Control radio show and the Shadow Theatre. This working visit ended with arrangements and plans for future cooperation.