Danilo Kiš Cultural Centre



Project duration: from 12th October 2018 to 31st December 2019

Project leader: Serbian Cultural Centre Danilo Kiš

Partners: Paraliterary Association IDIOT, Zavod za prevajanje in povezovanje Jugoslovanskih kultur YugoTranslate and Nacionalni Svet Srbov v Sloveniji.

The operation is co- funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Social Fund.

The amount of co-founding: 119. 947 EUR


Target groups: Target groups are determined as ethnically and generationally diverse, of different genders and social backgrounds: members of ethnic groups from the former Yugoslavia, middle-aged and young, with secondary or college/university education and within these groups, women and members of LGBT population as multiply vulnerable groups.


The operation is based on three sets of ideas: 1) competences of vulnerable groups in the field of journalism as an important condition for cultural emancipation, social inclusion and enhanced employability; 2) improvement of access to information and communications technology (ICT) and its use for the support of cultural and social potentials and employability potentials of the vulnerable groups; 3) a need for modernization of minority communities‘ cultural activity with the help of new, modern ways of communicating cultural forms, promotion of minority groups and minority associations.


We suggest the following solution to satisfying the needs of minority groups for greater media recognisability: training a greater number of members of ethnic groups from the former Yugoslavia for production of media contents (minority journalism) through different sets of workshops, mentoring, practical work and individual guidance (starting from introductory awareness-raising about the main problems to actual training for preparation of media pieces and starting a minority internet medium). In addition to developing journalistic skills, it is necessary to empower the vulnerable groups to perceive their own culture and language as equal to other cultures and to the dominant culture and provide them with the critical apparatus for advocating their own rights, the so-called minority journalism which is sensitized to minority rights and responsible civil journalism which enables the citizens to influence media representation and consequently, the changes in society and their own social inclusion.


Operational goals which will be the products of project activities:

– providing employment for vulnerable group coordinators;

– training a greater number of media workers (editors, journalists, producers, video and sound editors) from minority groups in different techniques and skills of internet journalism;

– supporting the creation of minority internet media in Slovenia, that is, training the minority groups in creation and management of a minority internet and mobile media and in fundraising as well;

– training the vulnerable groups in practical and creative use of new ICT;

– providing the vulnerable groups with the critical-reflexive apparatus for self-reflection, with special emphasis on the position of women and and LGBT population (multiple vulnerability);

– development of self-confidence, civil courage and competency of minorities and migrants in the field of vulnerable group rights;

– training the vulnerable group in creative writing in the native language (Serbian- Bosnian- Croatian- Montenegrin- Macedonian- Albanian) and broadening the knowledge of the native language, other languages (bilingualism, polylingualism) and the awareness of equality of their language in constant interaction with other languages, as well as promotion of  vulnerable groups‘ languages;

– connecting and networking the vulnerable groups with media institutions.

– creation of an internet media by the vulnerable groups, about the vulnerable groups and for the vulnerable groups and general public;

– increased visibility of minority languages in the public domain, giving the “voice“ to the vulnerable groups and to  their hardships, needs, wishes, experiences, achievements, everyday life in Slovenia;

– supporting the media representation which reduces stereotypization, discrimination and stigmatization of the vulnerable groups;

– development and use of ICT for the purposes of quality, intercultural and minority journalism;

– contribution to the diversity of the Slovene media landscape, in content (interculturality, multilingualism, critical approach) and innovative media forms (multimediality, cross media, civil journalism);

– development of minority groups‘ skills to confront the mechanisms of discrimination and marginalization with personal contribution in cultural production and innovative technological solutions and to engage their culture in an equal dialogue and continuous interaction with other cultures and with the dominant culture.

Indicators which will contribute to the achievement of the operational goal

No. Results  Number
1. Number of vulnerable group members included in training* 40
2. Employment of vulnerable group members 1
3. Number of workshops organized 71
4. Number of training hours 747
5. Number of media pieces created in workshops and published on the online portal 50
6. Number of promotional events 5
* Person included in training is a vulnerable group member , with the minimum workshop attendance of 40 hours.