Danilo Kiš Cultural Centre
Humanitarian Action

Humanitarian Action

Humanitarian Aid for the Flooded Areas

May- June 2015

Serbian Cultural Centre Danilo Kiš was one of the first institutions in Slovenia that organised collection of aid for the flooded areas which affected Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia in May 2014. Throughout humanitarian action which lasted for a month and which animated dozens of volunteers, three lorries and three vans of humanitarian aid were sent to the flooded areas.
The response of Slovenian public was overwhelming. Individuals and organisations brought great quantities of bare necessities, from food, toiletries and small household appliances to clothes, toys and letters of support. Volunteers who worked on gathering, selection and packing of the aid, were especially impressed by the packages that had come from the Brezovica pri Ljubljani Primary School. All 45 packages were carefully and imaginatively wrapped in wrapping paper with bows, like birthday presents, and all the packages had the inscription: “A woman to a woman”. Each package contained things every woman would like to take with her when leaving home, that is, everything she would miss in everyday life: from toiletries to face cream, make up, lipstick, mascara, lip gloss, hair spray, hair clips and elastics. In order to make sure the packages remained exactly the same, in the decorated boxes with bows and were not unpacked when women in the flooded areas got them, the volunteers from the SCC Danilo Kiš decided to personally deliver the packages to the women from the most devastated areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.