Danilo Kiš Cultural Centre


GUEST – Hospitality of Culture – The Culture of Hospitality


The term »Hospitality« in the project »Hospitality of Culture – The Culture of Hospitality« represents a combination of different actions, usable skills, research and encouragement of personal and collective cultural identity, which increases visibility and recognition of minority cultures in the general public. The concept of Hospitality in culture has been defined as an encounter, contact, blending and communication of different cultures. Hospitality encourages availability and opennes of minority cultures as well as susceptibility to cultural influences. It is a cultural communication channel with a continuous flow of information, which is especially sensitive to new needs and opportunities.


The aim of the project Hospitality of Culture – The Culture of Hospitality is to encourage a greater participation of vulnerable groups in culture, as well as greater public interest in their cultural products. In the long term, that provides the attention of the general public, more media coverage and consequently greater employment opportunities for the vulnerable groups’ members.


Areas of specialization of vulnerable groups` representatives during the project:

  • direction and editing of documentaries, short videos/trailers
  • creation of visual identity (logotype design, poster design, product design)
  • writing of promotional articles and slogans in the field of culture
  • management of cultural projects
  • coordination of cultural projects (connecting with other institutions, festivals, media)
  • editing website and social networks in the field of culture
  • application techniques of new information and communication tools for documentation and promotion of culture
  • techniques of self-promotion