Velvet and silk
Velvet and silk

Velvet and silk

16.- 18.12.2011, Ljubljana Castle

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Serbian cultural centerDanilo Kiš faire

Multimedia & multicultural presentation of SCCDK’s friends’ talent and creativity is aimed at spoiling you with all sorts of delights: fashion, culinary, cosmetic and spiritual. We offer objects of high and low design, questionable usability and durability, execution of some of the craziest recipes – from the antique Roman cuisine to the poor’s dishes, ecologically-organic cosmetics, natural fragrances, untraditional knitted items and other unpredictable handcraft, the latest fad for your pets, unconventional jewlery, toys for kids with imagination, recipe books made by hand, rare publications, and (our) art works created by women and men artists during their moments of an odd pause or idleness, unusual gifts. The creators will be present and ready to explain what (if anything) they wanted to express in their works.

We will also offer:

– too elegant dolls

– hats and masks, specially made for political meetings

– pajamas for mini rats

– walking clothes for mops and chihuahuas

– flashy collars for dalmatians and greyhounds

– perfumed mice for cats of various materials

– a wide variety of chutneys for a sweet-sour and spicy Christmas

– feminist „cook books” for hanging in the kitchen

– marmalades made from the most unusual fruits and vegetables

– pomanders and other fragrant substances

– decorated biscuits and crackers, moulded cookies

– love potions

– dishes we would never make ourselves

– and a few quite normal gifts.

The participants are well-known female and male artists, famous theatre costume makers, the unemployed of all colours and from all walks of life, those with hidden talents, and the totally anonymous. The prices will be another source of your pleasure. Tastings occur every 15 minutes.

Not excluded are: spontaneous happenings, unplanned seductions, insults of political rivals, eruptions of caffeine addiction. Unnatural families and individuals are welcome, as are various touristic groups, bikers, trolls, four-legged ones, but also birds and bees – at their own responsibility.