Julka Hlapec Djordjevic: One correspondence

30.10.2010, Mini theatre, Križevniška 1, Ljubljana

Mini theatre in cooperation with Serbian Cultural Center “Danilo Kiš“, within the project “Actors read novels“

Julka Hlapec Đordjević: ONE CORRESPONDENCE

read by: Olga Kacjan

Pre-holiday reading of an almost forgotten, but a rather provocative book – a love dialogue between a Serbian feminist who lives in Prague and a doctor from Ljubljana, dating back to the thirties of the last century.

One Correspondence is a novel by Julka Hlapec Đordjević (1882-1969), a Yugoslav feminist, in which her thinking on sexual ethics is transferred into a literary work – a correspondence of an emancipated mature woman with her love sympathy from her student days, in the thirties of the last century. She is a scientist and a writer living in an open marriage in Prague and he is a doctor living in a bourgeois family in Ljubljana. Testing the limits of freedom and emancipation, a kind of ethical vivisection of love, ends with a hint of his suicide… (Svetlana Slapšak)

The Mini Theatre`s project Actors read novels promotes reading of quality literary works and popularizes the presence of literature, not only in the theatre, but also in the media and in the life of the city of Ljubljana in general.