RECOM in Slovenia: I respond to the forgotten voices
RECOM in Slovenia: I respond to the forgotten voices

RECOM in Slovenia: I respond to the forgotten voices

RECOM in Slovenia: learning about the casualties of war, determination of responsibility and reconciliation as the foundations of the new peace activism

Title of the activity: I respond to the forgotten voices

Duration period: 15 May – 15 October (five months)

Funding: Centre for Civic Education (CCE/CGO), on behalf of project partners, within the project Regional CSO Activism for Regional Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslavia – in Support of RECOM, CALL FOR SUPPORT TO PROJECTS OF CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS IN MONTENEGRO, SERBIA, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, MACEDONIA, KOSOVO, SLOVENIA AND CROATIA

Main project objectives:

Reactivation of the specific local issues of war responsibility, getting to know more about the crimes, trials and documents; determining deficiencies of actions which had led to the weakening and termination of RECOM activities in Slovenia in the previous decade; raising the issue of the erased in Slovenia and reassessing their status; reassessing the knowledge on the refugees in Slovenia during the war; based on getting acquainted with the facts and previous opinions on the matter, including the existing stereotypes; based on the results of workshops and lectures, deliberation on civil initiatives and organizing for achieving specific project objectives. RECOM texts, documentary and feature films, literary works and visits to theatres or recordings of plays will be used as working material for the activity. Potentials of educational institutions, the existing networking of public libraries, cultural centres, certain academic institutions, alternative cultural centres and minority clubs will be used for the activity. 

Specific project objectives: Including the history of the erased in Slovenia into the school history textbooks; extracurricular education and raising awareness of the young people in the school system; sharing legal experts’ experiences; learning about the European aspects of the Slovenian case of the erased in the light of new attitudes on refugees; establishing standards of sensitivity to human rights violations and setting foundations for a peace movement based on the knowledge of failures and results from the past. 

End users: Potential RECOM activists in Slovenia, political/legal, academic, cultural and minority public in Slovenia.

Main activities: 1. Organizing five workshops on the following topics: a) war crimes in war zones and outside, violations of human rights, the erased b) testimonies of the erased, Slovenian politics and media c) creation of stereotypes d) oral report, my story e) hearing, checking, learning  

2. Organizing ten lectures: each lecture would cover the topics of the workshops. Schedule: during the five months of project duration (April – October), one workshop and two lectures would take place every month, while the Center will also carry out other activities: networking, notification, reinstitutionalization of RECOM. 

Expected results: Putting RECOM to the list of relevant and active focal points of deliberation and organization of peace activism in Slovenia; researches as a result of interest for the issues covered in workshops and lectures; inclusion into RECOM activities. Activating a large number of young people and others – based on previous experiences in the aforementioned groups, we could count on 5000- 6000 listeners and workshop participants.