I respond to the forgotten voices

RECOM in Slovenia:

learning about the casualties of war, determination of responsibility and reconciliation as the foundations of the new peace activism

The aim of the project carried out by the Serbian Cultural Centre Danilo Kiš is the reactivation of the RECOM programme in Slovenia in socio-political surroundings where it hadn’t worked before, based on a different understanding of the context, participants and new opportunities.

The project is centred on solving a few specific problems: “enrollment” of the erased into the educational programmes, historical recognition and seeking for new solutions that hadn’t been proposed before, as well as an evaluation of measures taken for the erased. By solving certain problems connected to the erased, we wish to broaden the knowledge on the casualties of war, which will help in clearing up political and social consequences of the refusal to accept responsibility in Slovenia.

With the help of the project, we wish to act in the following fields: setting strict standards on human rights, a politically independent evaluation of the past and clear criteria of compliance to the relevance of the results of RECOM in Slovenia, along with raising the minority cultures to a higher level, beyond the folklore isolation, into a status of an equal participant in civic initiatives.

Our goal is to steer the Slovenian public opinion towards understanding, solidarity and cooperation and by no means isolation of ethnic groups, with the development of tolerance to diversity. For all that, it is necessary to set a foundation of documented memory, raising all the questions of coerced oblivion and censorship, widening the circle of the informed, along with providing assistance to everyone who would acquire memory in a creative way and spread the awareness. In such a climate, RECOM would continue its mission and activities in Slovenia in a much better-developed form.

We would like to announce the following activities in the first phase of the project:

Lectures and workshops hosted by Prof Dr Svetlana Slapšak, the representative of RECOM in Slovenia

from 17 to 20 June 2019


Cankarjeva 9, Ljubljana

17 June

Responsibility for the past – Individual and collective responsibility, legal subject and institution – War and post-war principles in conflict with human rights – War and post-war courts after the Second World War – Courts, civil initiatives – Retribution, reconciliation – What is a war crime?

Text for the workshop: UN documents, Geneva documents, EU documents

18 June

The experiences of RECOM

Text for the workshop: RECOM documents

19 June

The identification of propaganda

Text for the workshop: examples of media discourses from Slovenia

20 June

The culture of reconciliation, the Slovene example

Text for the workshop: books, theatre, visual media: examples of the erased

Each workshop entails group adjustment to the topic, change of opinions, suggestions for civil actions, discourse analysis.

You can send your applications to the e-mail address  skcdanilokis@dkis.si

We would also like to announce the resumption of workshops and lectures for September and October. For information on workshop dates and locations, follow us on http://www.dkis.si