Second anniversary of SKC “Danilo Kiš”
Second anniversary of SKC “Danilo Kiš”

Second anniversary of SKC “Danilo Kiš”

22.2.2012, ISH, Knafelj`s passage 11, Ljubljana

Saša Ćirić i Saša Ilić

Rebellion mind – new Serbian critical thought and literature

Photo: From SKCDK archives

On the birthday of Danilo Kiš, 22 February, Serbian Cultural Center “Danilo Kiš” from Ljubljana for the third time organizes the event where we present new, challenging, spirited and creative appearances of the geographic and cultural areas in which Danilo Kis worked.

This year we invited Sasa Ćirić and Saša Ilić, writers, critics, cultural workers, who have been published, individualy and both together an impressive number of books, publications, periodicals and e-editions. Among other things, the authors of Beton, subdatasheet of daily Danas and standalone e-edition, where in past few years ridicule, criticize and parody production of nationalism in Serbia.

Saša Ilić is the author of two highly praised novel, The Berlin window (2005) and Fall of Colombia (2010). In 2011. Saša Ćirić with associates from Serbia and Kosovo, is one of the authors of comparative anthology of recent Serbian and Albanian literature in two books, From Pristina with love, and Nga Belgrade, dashuri me: in the introduction to the first book, he and Jeton Neziraj signed by the joint text “Correspondence traitor”. Sasa and Sasa are the leaders of the international project Criticize this! that restores almost lost genre of literary and art criticism.

Saša Ćirić and Saša Ilić presented their work and discussed with the order. prof. Svetlana Slapšak, as well as with the audience.