Fourth anniversary of SKC “Danilo Kiš”
Fourth anniversary of SKC “Danilo Kiš”

Fourth anniversary of SKC “Danilo Kiš”

The famous cabaret by Predrag Lucic and Boris Dezulovic at the Day of the Serbian Cultural Center »Danilo Kis« in Ljubljana


Old local power plant – Elektro Ljubljana, February 21st, at 21.00

A cultural breakaway event, poetic cabaret, sit-down comedy and singing performance with an appropriate euro-integrational title „Melodies of village and Brussels“ is the latest version of the show, which Split journalists and writers Boris Dežulović and Predrag Lucić perform for eight years and never repeat it.

FOTO- Melodije - promo
Photo: From SKCDK archives

„Melodies of village and Brussels“ is the work of the creators of the Feral Tribune and they represent the feral form of all forms and against all uniforms. So far it was best known under the headings „Melodies of struggle and transformation“ (drama, sadness, tragedy) and „Melodies of Flash and Storm“ (history, farce, pastime).

Through the „Melodies…“ parade priests and presidents, general-corporals and criminal-capitalists, wholesalers and little gods, faces from reading books and international warrants, managers of war and peace, Eurocrats i money-makers, national bards and multinational brands, telecommunists and democrats, gusle philharmonics and turbo-folk klape…

„Melodies…“ are a festival of hilarious ballads about heroic crimes and dedicated heroes, shepherds and herds, transition of crime into virtue and transformation of patriotism into robbery of motherland.

From 2007 onwards they were performed under different names in more than thirty cities of the former Yugoslavia and the future former European Union. In the 2010/2011 season they were on the repertoire of Satirical theatre Kerempuh in Zagreb, on the Split summer festival every year there is a always a need for not only a ticket more, but a show more, so it is performed twice in one evening. They were performed on many more other cultural and literary festivals.



Predrag Cune Lucić, The Voice, on Croatian and post-Yugoslav scene known as The One Who Does Not Need the Microphone. A folk genius who is decimating contemporary Croatian history for twenty years, a national poet who has released more poems from his selected works than Johnny Stulic has published. Fear and trembling of Croatian publishers, known among colleagues as the only one to whom not even Twitter may shorten manuscripts.

Boris Dežulović Tozovac, Compay Segundo, the eternal effacing second voice, known as The One Right of Lucic Who Opens His Mouth. The Man-Column who has released more columns from his books of selected texts than Lucic has written poems for life. Fear and trembling of newspaper readers in the entire former Yugoslavia, sudden and unpredictable as Croatian football league. Known among colleagues as a man who has never written a column for New Macedonia.


Event organizer: Serbian Cultural Center „Danilo Kis“ in Ljubljana, on the birthday of Danilo Kiš, traditionally represents new, challenging, daring and creative appearances from geographic and cultural areas in which Danilo Kiš created.

Sponsor: Elektro Ljubljana d.d.

Media sponsor: Radio Student.