Kralj Čačka (The King of Čačak) for the First Time in Slovenia
Kralj Čačka (The King of Čačak) for the First Time in Slovenia

Kralj Čačka (The King of Čačak) for the First Time in Slovenia

Foto: Srđan Pablo Doroški
Photo: Srđan Pablo Doroški

“ The King has arrived on the rock scene by a dangerous highway – over crossroads and through byways – with a guitar over his shoulder, like a hero from the good old movies. He brought wise, beautiful and bitter songs, in which honesty and authenticity sharply defy the depravities of this time.” This is how the Belgrade rock and roll veteran Žikica Simić described the music of The King of Čačak, which represents a mix of blues, jazz, rock and roll and French chansons.

The King of Čačak won the “Strune od svetla” award for 2017 which is given for special contribution to the affirmation of poetic word/poetry in rock and blues music, and his second album “Spusti svetlost na put” was chosen for The Best Album of the Year by the listeners of Radio 202, in competition with Električni orgazam and Bajaga. He published a collection of poetry “Na margini” (Lom), as well as two albums – “Zemlja snova” (2016) and “Spusti svetost na put” (2018). In the last three years The King of Čačak has played at major festivals in the country and in the region: Exit, Arsenal, Ferragosto Jam, Mountain Music Fest, Arlemm, NS Koncert godine, SOMUS, Beer Fest…but also as a special guest of Darko Rundek in front of more than 10000 viewers in Tašmajdan.

There is no dilemma for the visitors of his concerts: The King of Čačak is the uncrowned ruler of music which is difficult to categorize. His inspiration lies in what represents a perfect hiding-place for many people: between the deepest emotions and the art of music-making, between a night in a smoky bar and the morning that changes everything, between the music of wandering minstrels and delicate jazz melodies. From that hiding-place, The King of Čačak comes out to the main street and takes us with him to the trip around the world.

The King of Čačak will play in Slovenia for the first time, in Menza pri koritu, in Ljubljana on 19 December 2019 at 9.30 pm.

The concert is organized within the framework of the operation #MINORITIESONLINE, which is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU from The European Social Fund.



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