Serbian for Adults

The course programme is modelled upon the programme of The Center for Serbian as a Foreign Language at The University of Novi Sad. It is in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFRL.

The course has three levels. Depending on his or her prior knowledge, an attendant can learn Serbian at basic, intermediate or advanced level. Levels are differentiated according to their demands. Basic level is intended for attendants with no prior knowledge. The programme is comprised of teaching basic language skills, writing in Cyrillic and Latin, grammar, etc. Each higher level continues and builds on the previous one.


Ilustrated by Miloš Janojlić

In addition to learning Serbian, we will try to get our attendants at each level acquainted with the basics of Serbian history, important events in Serbian culture, Serbian cinematography, music and customs and will help them develop cultural competences.

Based on your prior knowledge and practical needs, we will help you choose the right level.