We secure the quality of your translations


We translate and proofread all kinds of texts with reliability, accuracy and high quality:

  • texts on tourism ( tourist centres’ offers, catalogues, brochures, tourist print and e- magazines, advertising material, video and audio content, memos, Internet pages…)
  • business texts ( business correspondence, invitations, greeting cards, memos, brochures…)
  • legal documentation ( appeals, contracts, suits, complaints, memos, legislation, decisions, acts…)
  • technical documentation ( telecommunications, mechanics, IT, construction…)
  • promotional texts (Internet presentations, advertising slogans, ads, brochures…)
  • medical and pharmaceutical texts
  • academic texts and fiction
  • media localisation ( TV and film subtitles, computer programmes, games and entertainment applications…)


We translate into the following languages:

1)      Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Macedonian;

2)      English, German, Italian, Russian, Greek and Spanish

All the translations are proofread by proofreaders who are native speakers in the translated language and who are experts in their fields.