N’toko: Lepa pesma o nepravdama nikada ne donosi promene

Interview: Miha Blažič N’toko

The Singer-Songwriter Wave which is Spreading

An interview with Dušan Strajnić – Dukat, the leader of the Belgrade band Strayy Dog, which is a representative of a new singer-songwriter wave and the Serbian Americana, on occasion of their performance at the MENT Festival in Ljubljana. The interview was conducted by Biljana Žikić.

Etno Histeria Couch-Festival

Etno Histeria Couch Festival, 4-9 February in Ljubljana’s flats

“Quite a little mental spectacle ” tomorrow in Belgrade

An unusual promotion of the Belgrade band Lira Vega’s album Ghosts for 22 guests at GRAD- European Center for Culture and Debate.

Marko Mandić: Yugoslavia, My Country

In the Radio Študent radio show Vjetar u leđa, Vesna Hrdlička Bergelj talked to the actor Marko Mandić about his role of Vladan in the play Yugoslavia, My Country, about multilingual communication, growing up in a bilingual family, memories of his pioneer travels around Yugoslavia, current position of nationalism in Slovenia and whether it’s easier being a čefur today than it was before.

When I see someone in need, I rush to help

An interview with Emina Hadžić, the director of Zavod Krog, a human rights activist and an international humanitarian aid and developmental cooperation coach, who has been active in the fields of minority rights and humanitarian work since her early youth, conducted by Biljana Žikić.

Ivan Obrenov: You can’t make a film without silver

An interview with Ivan Obrenov, a director, editor, an aesthete, thinker and the winner of the Slavuj Hadžić prize by Radio-televizija Vojvodine (Public Broadcasting Service of Vojvodina) for lifetime achievement in broadcasting, who was in Ljubljana as a panellist at the Independent Film Festival of Slovenia. The interview was conducted by Biljana Žikić.

About Online Communication: Interview with Dr. Snježanom Milivojević

An interview with Dr. Snježanom Milivojević, professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Belgrade and a media analyst, conducted by Biljana Žikić.

Human Destinies in the Jaws of Ochlocracy

An interview with Dr. Svetlana Slapsak, professor of anthropology and the winner of the first regional Mirko Kovač prize for a collection of essays Leteći pilav, Antropološki ogledi o hrani, (Biblioteka XX vek, 2014) (Flying pilaf: Anthropological perspectives on food), conducted by Biljana Žikić.

There’s No Great Band without a Big Hit

An interview with Bojan Slačalo, the singer and guitarist of the Artan Lili, the most promising young band in the region, conducted by Biljana Žikić.