The Hospitality Bazaar, the final event of the Serbian Cultural Centre Danilo Kiš’s project GUEST Hospitality of Culture- The Culture of Hospitality, held on 25th August at the Daktari Club in Ljubljana was a presentation of the achievements in minorities’ training in the promotion of a minority organisation, cultural event and artistic product, namely, minority cultures in general.

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30.10.2010, Mini theatre, Križevniška 1, Ljubljana

Mini theatre in cooperation with Serbian Cultural Center “Danilo Kiš“, within the project “Actors read novels“

Julka Hlapec Đordjević: ONE CORRESPONDENCE

read by: Olga Kacjan

Pre-holiday reading of an almost forgotten, but a rather provocative book – a love dialogue between a Serbian feminist who lives in Prague and a doctor from Ljubljana, dating back to the thirties of the last century.

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